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Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania

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Call me Sol. Chirpy little writer with a nurse's sense of humour, usually seen scurrying about the Tube or hugging someone; was looking to follow the family trade and get into nursing, then meandered for a while before finally deciding to drop everything and go for it. It failed, but this happens frequently. Open-minded, polyamorous and easygoing, my vices are my lovers, Thai/Chinese food, Haribo and useless facts, and if you meet me you'll see that I'm loopy enough without any drugs. (It's in a good way though, I won't strangle your cat.) I'm currently polysaturated, too, and intend to stay that way.

The entries are true unless specified as fiction, though many are friends-locked and people tend to have codenames to protect either theirs' or others' hobbies and activities. Many of them also have adult themes.

I also have a Deadjournal for headspace stuff, and am active on Twitter, same usernames.

If you would like to friend me, you're very welcome to, though I'd appreciate a PM letting me know who you are and, if applicable, how you know me.

Overall, very happy to chat about the world and what's in it - I'm very curious and love learning - and bouncy, bisexual, spiritual in a sceptic sense, and love to love. Aside from writing I also play about with comedy on the side, and I love to read SF and play with swords. Sparring with a bastard sword, for preference.

I'm also one hell of a deviant. You've been warned.
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